Press Release:

Val Rausch is a candidate for the District 4 Senate seat. “Experience matters. Leadership matters. South Dakota has faced some tough choices and considerable challenges during my eight years in the House, and I’m proud to say the voters of District 4 always had a seat at the table after they placed their collective trust in me,’ Rausch said.

Rausch, a small business owner, father of four and husband to Paula (Miles) a lifetime South Dakota resident from Doland and an elementary school teacher at St. Lawrence Elementary in Milbank, wrapped up his eighth-consecutive year as a State Representative, his most recent term being named Honorable Speaker of the House. Rausch, previously the six-year Mayor of Big Stone City, has reached his Representative term limit and after discussions with his family and residents of the 4th district has chosen to continue his successful career in public service.

Rausch will campaign on making sure South Dakota retains it’s small-business friendly environment, agricultural development and protecting the rights of South Dakota citizens from the encroachment of Government.