Week 2

On January 19, 2007, in Letters from Val, by Valentine Rausch

Hello again to Dist 4,

It has been another busy week in the appropriations committee with over 20 hours of hearings being held for the week. We heard the Budget presentations of the Dept. of Education, Dept. of Environment & Natural Resources, School & Public Lands, Dept. of Human Services, Dept. of Revenue & Regulation, Dept. of Health, Dept. of Transportation, Dept. of Agriculture and then on Friday we had 4 Special Appropriations bills to consider.

This Friday we decided to recommend passage of 2 bills that would help our retired Veterans in Hot Springs in improvements to their safety and fire protection and also to make some necessary improvements to the Armory in Brookings so our National Guards People have the comforts and facility they deserve.

The session action was busier this week, but still fairly slow. On Thursday we held the Legislative Memorial Service for 3 former members Elmer Flatt, James Jelbert and Robert Knutson, Jr., it is a very nice way to remember those who served this great state.

Visitor and groups that were here this week included Substance Abuse Directors, SD Sport Hunting Association, Madison Chamber of Commerce, SD Library Association, American Legislative Exchange Council, Association of Towns & Townships, SD Beer Wholesalers Association, Message Therapists Association and the Kingsbury County Cattlemen’s Association, SD Abate. We also had the Governor’s Prayer breakfast with former Football Coach Tom Osborne and the main speaker, that was excellent. The biggest event of the week however was the Banquet for the Governor’s conference on Tourism. A great event to honor and thank those who bring so many visitors to our state. It is a very formal affair and very well attended. So nice to see such a great turnout from around the state.

Even though it may appear that we have a busier social calendar that work calendar, I can assure you we are extremely busy. With over 220 bills being submitted for consideration it is a lot of reading and homework on top of everything else. I appreciate all the contact from my district via phone, email or letter, and urge your input on those issues that are important to you. Feel free to email HYPERLINK “mailto:rep.rausch@state.sd.us” rep.rausch@state.sd.us or call 605-880-5015.

God Bless and have a good week,

Rep. Val Rausch


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